lancaster city police foundation

Above: Chief Sadler aboard Duke.
From an original painting by Carl Woerner. Image courtesy PencilWorks Gallery ©2011

Community Partners in Public Safety.

The Lancaster City Police Foundation is an independent charitable non-profit corporation formed on September 11, 2003. The Foundation's purpose is to promote a safe environment and neighborhood for the residents, workers and visitors of Lancaster, PA. Its objectives are to enhance the services of the Lancaster City Police Department and work with the Police to:

  • Promote civic spirit in support of public safety and security
  • Enhance public awareness of safety issues (such as parent watch, neighborhood watch, theft prevention, bicycle safety, seat belt use)
  • Raise funds to provide equipment to make Police work safer and more effective (such as Kevlar vests, communications equipment, patrol bicycles, etc.)
  • Educate children and young adults about safety issues in schools and other local settingsdonate now

The dedicated men and women of the Lancaster Bureau of Police need and deserve our support as they work to protect us and keep Lancaster a safe, vibrant and cultural center for Lancaster County.


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